IAWP Educational Program Full Program released

The full agenda for the 2017 IAWP Washington Educational Conference  is now available! We hope to see you there.


Register for the 2017 Winter Institute and Crab Feed

Each year, IAWP Washington chapter members escape the gloom and doom of Washington’s winter weather to learn valuable information and enjoy each other’s company at the Annual Winter Institute and Crab Feed. Winter Institute & Crab Feed Registration is now open through Feb. 15.

Southwest Subchapter 53rd Annual Winter Institute

February 25, 2017 / 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
Westport Chateau Beach Room, 710 Hancock, Westport, WA 98595

Emcee: SW Subchapter President Kathy Gundlach

  • 8:30 –9 am:  Sign In with Registration Chair, Cheryl Flynn, SW Subchapter Secretary and Sarah C. Wilson, SW Subchapter Vice President
  • 9 –9:10 am:  Welcome to Grays Harbor, Anne Goranson, Southwest Regional Director
  • 9:10 –9:15 am: State Chapter Update, Sheila Johnson Teeter, State Chapter President
  • 9:15 –9:30 am:  International Update, Cheryl Brown, International IAWP President Elect and Suzanne Nichols, International IAWP Chapter Development Chair
  • 9:30 –10:30 am: State of Employment Security and the Workforce System, Cynthia Forland, Labor Market and Performance Analysis (LMPA) Director
  • 10:30 –10:45 am: Break
  • 10:45 –11:30 am:  Legislative Update, Nick Streuli, ESD Legislative and Executive Operations Director
  • 11:30 –12:30 pm: Lunch & Networking
  • 12:30 –1:30 pm: Safety/Earthquake Preparedness, Leah Wolfe, ESD Collections Unit; member of Thurston County Disaster Assistance Response Team (D.A.R.T.) and Community Emergency Response Team (C.E.R.T.) and Chuck Wallace, Grays Harbor Emergency Management
  • 1:30 –1:45 pm:  Break
  • 1:45 –4 pm Creating Partnership and Respecting Diversities, Imelda Ang, Labor & Industries Human Resources Consultant-Diversity, and Ginger Bernethy, ESD Employment System Policy
  • 4 pm: Adjourn

(Crabfeed at Ocosta Recreation Hall – social hour begins at 6:30 pm, Crabfeed begins at 7 p.m.)

Clarion I-2017: Winter Institute & Crabfeed Registration + more!

Please enjoy the first Clarion of the year and don’t forget to register for the Winter Institute and Crabfeed at Westport. Watch Inside ESD for new travel/professional development guidance to help you attend. Also inside:

  • Heritage Month Celebrations
  • Legislative Updates:
    • 4 More States #RaiseTheWage
    • Just Don’t Do It
    • Meet New ESD Legislative Liaison
  • Scammer Alerts!
  • Benefits of Applying for Scholarships
  • Opportunities to Serve
  • Volunteer Improve Your Skills—Volunteer
  • Refer to Apprenticeships
  • News from Japan
  • Thinking about School?
  • If Times Be Lean in ‘17: Budgeting for the New Year
  • Unsung Hero
  • Monster Innovation Award

Special Veterans Edition of the Clarion!

Check out the latest news from the Washington Chapter of the International Association of Workplace Professionals-our  Special Veterans Issue!

  • Learn the history of Veterans Day;
  • Get an update on ESD & WDVA’s YesVets Hiring Project;
  • Learn the difference between the Federal Dept. of Veterans Affairs and the Vets Program through US Dept. of Labor;
  • Mark your calendar and help publicize the 25th Anniversary of the Washington IAWP Veterans Day Celebration; and
  • More!

IAWP Washington honors excellence

At its annual State Educational Conference, IAWP Washington recognized those who’ve made significant contributions to the organization and to workforce development over all.

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Hall of Fame Award
Albert Garza
Presented by: Donna Glacken, Past IAWP Chapter President

Throughout the years Albert has held many titles in his career with ESD. No matter how many times his title, field of work or even geographical location has changed, Albert has always been a leader. Albert leads by example. He doesn’t just talk the talk; he walks the walk. On more than one occasion, regardless of the demands of his position or travel, Albert has been available to emcee our state conference. He has brought professionalism, humor and support to the association. Albert was instrumental in supporting and planning last year’s state conference, as well as emceeing the event.

Albert has offered insight to gaining support for IAWP from ESD administrators. He offers a personal perspective on what IAWP has offered him, as well as what it offers the staff members who attend IAWP training events. He has drafted letters of support requesting administrators to set aside funding for upcoming IAWP training events and to encourage staff to attend these training opportunities. He has shown that you can balance family, career and personal development. For this and many other reasons, Albert is being inducted into the IAWP Hall of Fame.

Administrator of the Year
Janelle Guthrie
Presented by: Suzanne Nichols, IAWP Chapter President

In May of 2015, IAWP president Suzanne Nichols approached ELT member and Communications Director Janelle Guthrie regarding an upcoming IAWP conference. Nichols needed answers on permissible use of state resources, but little did she know that that conversation would change her focus on how to bring about continued change within the IAWP organization. As the weeks went by, conversations with Janelle inspired Suzanne to take a leap and make a huge request, asking Janelle if she would conduct training during an IAWP board meeting–on a Sunday! Without hesitation Janelle said yes, and thus began one of many contributions to IAWP.

Later that year, Janelle was invited to join the IAWP State Board as Communications Chair. She joined during a time of difficult transition, bringing new ideas and tons of enthusiasm with her. The board made the decision to replace the printed version of the Clarion with an online newsletter. Suzanne knew Janelle’s experience would be valuable in helping guide IAWP through the change. She and Judy Johnson worked tirelessly at making sure the quality of the Clarion remained intact.

Janelle has offered her expertise when it comes to communications and social media. In her personal time, she markets IAWP to new members as well as other executive leaders. The IAWP board is grateful for her continued support and commitment to the IAWP mission and values.

Legislative Award
Robert Haglund
Presented by: Cathy Hoover, ESD Director of Government Relations

Robert Haglund is the legislative coordinator for the Labor Market & Performance Analysis (LMPA) Division. He serves on a small group that identifies newly introduced bills that need to be analyzed by ESD. Robert ensures that all bills that need analysis are completed and entered into the Bill Analysis Tracking System in a timely manner, and that LMPA bills important to ESD are presented and updated at ESD’s Legislative Analysis and Review Committee.

Robert also acts as a subject matter expert for LMPA, assigning himself to prepare the analyses on many bills assigned to LMPA. Robert is an asset to ESD’s legislative team. He assisted Cathy Hoover, the director of Government Relations, in responding to legislators and legislative staff. He’s provided technical assistance by explaining terms and helped to prepare bill amendments to ensure that proposed legislation was clear, that it accurately reflected the drafters’ intent, and most importantly, that it could be effectively implemented by affected agencies.

President’s Award
Judy Johnson
Presented by: Suzanne Nichols, IAWP Chapter President

Judy Johnson became an IAWP member back in 1981 and has long been a great resource on the history of IAWP. Judy is always available to provide information on ethics, bylaws and rules that run the organization. Sometimes she was the voice of challenge, making the team fully examine all points of view before they made a decision that impacted many.
The two biggest challenges faced over the last year were the need to change IAWP’s bylaws and eliminate the print edition of The Clarion. Once the latter decision was made, some feared that the editor in chief would be unable to work with the new Clarion format. But Judy took on the challenge and conquered it.

Judy has always taken great pride in delivering information to IAWP members and has worked countless hours to gather, write and edit articles. Her passion for The Clarion and her love for IAWP are what made this transition work. IAWP has been able to provide its members with timely news and information through the Clarion because of Judy’s dedication. Her assistance to the communications chair has been invaluable.

Judy has always stepped up to the plate and volunteered to write several international and state awards, which take hours to research, gather and write before they are submitted. Judy’s submission for the Public Policy Award for Sen. Patty Murray won first place both at the international and state level. Due to her perseverance to learn the new formatting, her continued support to the board and her countless hours of volunteering for this association, Judy has been selected for the President’s Award.

Citation Award
Susie Rothwell
Presented by: Janelle Guthrie, ESD Communications Director

Susie Rothwell was unable to attend.

Colville Printing has been an integral part and partner of the Washington State Chapter of IAWP for well over 25 years. When Jim and JoAnn Wallace took over as editors, producing the chapter newsletter, The CLARION, they went to their local, well-known print shop for help. Back then, the shop was known as Masters Printing. And it is true: They were masters at their craft.

As time passed, Susie Rothwell, their in-house graphics designer, took over responsibility for producing The CLARION at Masters Printing.

Susie could always be counted on to keep up with the latest trends and designs in newsletter formats. She is a skilled designer with a real knack for providing the perfect visual embellishment to accompany each article. Susie is a real master of layout. We asked her to publish themed “Special Editions” and photo montages of 50 photographs or more. She’s always had a memory for how we’d done or said things in the distant past.

In 1999 and again in 2004, Susie designed new mastheads for the CLARION. Our newsletter’s distinct look is all Susie’s doing.

Through the years, we went from sending photographs and articles to Colville by snail mail to emailing everything. Susie was adept at handling whatever we threw at her. She was flexible about consulting by phone or email and would send drafts for review, doing anything it took to please us.

Her flourish with layout and publishing enhanced the quality and readability of our Chapter Newsletter.

Susie was always helping to give IAWP a break with our costs, keeping the price of printing and mailing very reasonable, and allowing us special discounts at the end of a budget year.

Unsung Hero
Medra Reilly
Presented by: Leah Wolfe,
with assistance from Ben King, Awards Committee member; and Chad Pearson

Medra Reilly was presented the Unsung Hero award the proper way: with a beat. Leah Wolfe rapped about Medra’s longstanding contributions to IAWP, backed up by Mr. Beatbox (Chad Pearson) and hype man Master King (Ben King).

The rap was a hit, and Medra was very excited to have received Unsung Hero Award. She is an asset to the IAWP Organization. Below are the lyrics to the rap.

She is power… She runs this town… Run the track and break it on down

Who always says “Yes I can” whenever there’s a need? She does it with awesome speed!

Who volunteers her time for her community? She believes in TEAM unity!

Who can you count on to handle the 50/50 drawing? Fundraising is one of her true callings!

Who helps the elderly and people with disabilities? With her she has endless possibilities!

Who has a heart as big as a Lion? And has a smile as bright as a diamond!

Who is in warm and wonderful Wenatchee? You know we’re talking about Medra Reilly!

Workforce System Customer Service Group Award
Presented by: Kelly Lindseth, ESD Employment Connections director

No other team has had such a widespread positive effect on the workforce system this year.
The Workforce Integrated Technology project is a multi-year effort to replace the Go2WorkSource.com job match site and SKIES customer management system.
The two systems were built separately 15 years ago using technology that’s considered obsolete by today’s standards.

The WorkSource Integrated Technology project replaced these two systems with an integrated Software as a Service (SaaS) product developed by Monster Government Solutions. The system was modified to meet the needs of Washington’s workforce development system.

The new system is attractive, flexible and includes many self-service capabilities, which will free up more time for WorkSource staff to help more job seekers improve and market their workplace skills and to help employers find the right talent and business resources.

It is one more step in ESD’s work to modernize our computer infrastructure and tools for our customers: employers, claimants and job seekers. The $7 million project went live on May 3.

While many, many ESD staff provided input and support to this project, the WIT functional team is the group that had the most responsibility, hard work and sleepless nights.

The functional team was made up of Christa Castanon, Larry Clarke, Marra Johnson, Joanie Linder, Kelly Lindseth, Nona Mallicoat, Bobby McKenzie, Jan Oswold, Tim Robison, Peter Sundholm, Bill Tarrow, Rich Tomsinski and Scott Wheeler.

The team faced a number of challenges coming into the project, but throughout it all, the team pulled together, each member addressing his or her specific area to ensure internal and external customers were served. Data specialists worked to ensure a smooth data migration.

Thanks to the WIT team, employers will experience the power and industry-leading expertise of Monster.com at no cost, unlimited job posting and applicant matching, customized ranking and side-by-side applicant comparisons, and access to the largest talent database in the state. Job seekers will find thousands of jobs, a new resume builder, advanced job search tools and occupational data so that they can make more informed career decisions.

Workforce System Customer Service Individual Award
Jan Oswold
Presented by Kelly Lindseth, Director of the Employment Connections Division

Jan Oswold has worked in state government automation projects, including unemployment insurance, workforce development programs and other federally and state funded projects, for the last 25 years.

Most recently, she led the Workforce Integrated Technology project to replace the
Go2WorkSource.com job match site and SKIES customer management system.

The WorkSource Integrated Technology project replaced these two systems with an integrated Software as a Service (SaaS) product developed by Monster Government Solutions. The system was modified to meet the needs of Washington’s workforce development system. This new website will move the agency toward its goal of modernizing its computer infrastructure and tools for employers, claimants and job seekers.

As the WIT team process owner, Jan Oswold oversaw a small team that brought this system to life.

Jan calmly helped the project move forward amid many challenges, including juggling stakeholders, complex data integration processes and following the guidelines of many different agencies. Jan’s experience, reputation and strong relationships across ESD, in the field and among partners, gave her credibility and knowledge to navigate the challenges and keep the project moving.

The project went live on May 3—and despite some necessary workarounds common to all IT projects, customers are enjoying a fresh new way to find jobs and talent.

This project is the foundation for several key goals in ESD’s strategic plan: specifically, attracting more employers and job seekers to use WorkSource.

Thanks to Jan and her team, employers and job seekers will experience the best job match system available.

Jan deserves the Outstanding Employee Performance Award for dedicating the last two years of her life to building this amazing new site for Employment Security and our partners.

Workforce System Customer Service Individual Award
Caitlin Cormier
Presented by Janelle Guthrie, ESD Communications Director

Caitlin manages Employment Security’s intranet: InsideESD. She’s also a member of the Employee Engagement Advisory Team, which facilitated focus groups around the state last year to hear directly from employees their opinions about creating a culture of respect. She heard a common message: employees value transparency and communication from their leaders. So far, Caitlin has published nearly 20 responses to rumors about downsizing, agency projects and even the agency’s senior leaders in the new InsideESD column Rumor Busters. Responses from employees have been extremely positive.

International Awards

Workforce System Customer Service Group Award
Washington Service Corps
Presented by Kelly Lindseth, Director of the Employment Connections Division

The Washington Service Corps has been proudly serving Washingtonians for over 30 years, and its 21-member team leads one of the largest outreach efforts in Washington.

Each year, the team manages the approval process for 700 Washington Service Corps members, who are dispatched to disadvantaged areas to help provide vital community resources that would otherwise be unavailable.

These 700 members leverage over 38,000 volunteers statewide to provide more than 750,000 hours of community service in the state of Washington.

The Washington Service Corps provides assistance so well because it is able to determine where help is most needed. One need that the Washington Service Corps filled was that of basic computer literacy for job seekers. The group created 30 Career Navigator spots at WorkSource sites around the state. The Career Navigators train unemployed workers on basic computer literacy, so that they are able to apply for jobs online. In 2014, the team led nearly 700 computer literacy courses for 3,000 Washington job seekers.

The Washington Service Corps also shines because it is collaborative. The group works with the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction to administer the Washington Reading Corps. The Washington Reading Corps works with public, private and community resources to provide research-based reading opportunities to students between kindergarten and sixth grade. The Washington Reading Corps is currently active in 73 schools, 10 early learning centers and two community organizations.

The Washington Service Corps also succeeds in its wide breadth of services provided. The group helps by providing disaster services training, economic opportunities, education, environmental stewardship, help providing healthy futures, and services for veterans and youth. The Washington Service Corps is able to make a difference where others can’t reach.

Through its extraordinary service in the community, the Washington Service Corps is making a difference in the lives of Washingtonians across the state. They’ve been recognized for their work nationally as well, having been honored with the 2015 Outstanding Service Program award by America’s Service Commissions.

The Washington Service Corps is Debbie Aoki, Eric Kindvall, Lelani Sherwin, Carmen Serrano, Erika Jenkins, Sidra Fields, Lorraine Coots, Julie Garitone, Kari Wood, , Terri Jack, Tynisia Hanson, Sandie Peterson, Mark Duncan, Sabrena Neff, Kendra DeBow, Dave Reid, Josh Proehl, Robert Brader, Chris Skinner and Mary Knox.

Citation Group
ICD Coatings
Presented by Ron Marshall, ESD Chief Human Resources Officer

ICD Coatings was unable to attend.

Industrial Control Development (ICD) Coatings was nominated for the 2015 Group Citation Award — the highest honor that IAWP bestows. ICD won 1st place in the IAWP international competition in recognition of its outstanding accomplishments and contributions to the workforce development field. The company effectively used workforce development services and gave back by participating in the Washington State Governors Veterans Opportunity to Work Act (VOW Act).

During 2015, beyond their regular business responsibilities, ICD Coatings was very active supporting the Workforce Development system. The business promoted new employment opportunities to the general population and also focused on opportunities for veterans. ICD Coatings was nominated and won Employment Security Department’s Hire-A-Vet award in 2015. ICD has been hiring veterans since 2011, and currently 40 percent of the company’s 26 employees are veterans. ICD has created a partnership with WorkSource Washington, referring job seekers to WorkSource for potential job leads and participating in veterans hiring events.

Public Policy Individual
U.S. Sen. Patty Murray
Presented by Lisa Marsh, Deputy Commissioner

Accepted on behalf of Senator Murray by Kierra Phifer

Washington state’s senior U.S. senator, Patty Murray, has a proven two-decade track record, for fighting for workers and families. Sen. Murray has established herself as a tireless and effective leader on labor and education, budget issues, transportation, port security, healthcare, women and veterans issues.

Sen. Murray performs outstanding public service in support of workforce development programs and staff. She believes our nation’s job is “To invest in our people, our communities, and our future—and to build the most robust middle class the world has ever seen.”

She supports President Obama’s budget that “lays out a vision for a government and an economy that prioritizes jobs, middle class families, and broad-based economic growth.”

In 2015 alone, Sen. Murray successfully sponsored and enacted several major pieces of federal legislation affecting workforce development and workers, including: the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA); the Perkins Loan Program; the Higher Education Act: Exploring Barriers and Opportunities within Innovation; the Older Americans Reauthorization Act of 2015; the Trade Bill, the Raise the Wage Act; and her Every Student Succeeds Act.

Sen. Murray has developed and implemented national policies to improve and strengthen workforce systems that benefit workforce professionals without any unnecessary negative impacts.

She cares deeply about all issues that affect workers, including workforce professionals, and just last year worked on contingent workers, Social Security, public health, Workers’ Compensation, land and water conservation, worker protection, government accountability, worker security, and overtime pay.

Sen. Murray positively promoted many workforce development programs, particularly services to veterans, job training and other educational resources, and youth programs.
She demonstrated outstanding leadership, influence and commitment in the workforce development system. Her activities make existing programs stronger and create new and exciting programs as well.

Sen. Murray participated actively in two separate major IAWP Washington State chapter events during 2015. She recorded a video we played at the state chapter donference in May, and on Nov. 10, she sent a representative from her office to read a letter she wrote specifically for the IAWP annual veterans ceremony.

U.S. Sen. Patty Murray performs outstanding public service to this country and to all its workers and families. She is a strong supporter of workforce development programs and of the staff who serve. She has been instrumental in a number of public policy issues that improve and strengthen our workforce systems. For these reasons and many more, IAWP is proud to recognize Sen. Murray with the IAWP Public Policy Award.

Workforce System Customer Service Individual Award
Chad Pearson
Presented by Janelle Guthrie, ESD Communications Director

Chad Pearson spent 2015 reaching out to employers across the state to encourage them to take advantage of Washington’s Shared Work Program.

Chad conducted 34 speaking engagements at chambers of commerce or associations throughout Washington state. He set up vendor tables and worked at trade shows held by industries with employers that might avoid layoffs through the Shared Work program. He partnered with the state Department of Labor and Industries to coordinate additional trade shows throughout the year.

He worked with a professional video group to develop an eye-catching video about Shared Work to market the program. He also produced a Shared Work toolkit that business services representatives could use in the field to discuss the Shared Work program with employers, including the Shared Work video, Shared Work brochures and a Shared Work PowerPoint.

Chad also worked closely with the Shared Work Unit staff to redesign the Shared Work website, making it more user friendly to include current forms, policies and procedures. He also collaborated with staff to produce Shared Work “Quick Clips” — video clips providing instruction to employers and participants on how to successfully administer their Shared work plan.

As a result of all this, Chad Pearson was invited to represent the Washington state Shared Work Program at the Department of Labor’s Short Term Compensation (STC) Summit.
He presented Washington state best practices conducting outreach for a Shared Work program, including marketing, surveying and branding strategies. He worked with other states to develop communication tools for their STC programs.

Chad’s evaluation of the employer survey was instrumental in setting the priority of needed improvements. Getting the voice of the customer via the survey and Chad’s direct contact with employers helped Washington to remain the number one Shared Work program in the nation.

Workforce System Customer Service Group Award
Presented by Lisa Marsh, Deputy Commissioner

Employment Security launched an ambitious project to replace the agency’s aging benefits system, GUIDE, and to do so in two years. With this exciting challenge ahead, employees from across the agency volunteering to staff the team.

Working on the UTAB project was framed not as a promotional opportunity, but a way to help shape and guide the future of the unemployment benefits system, and 70 staff members took the opportunity. Since the project’s soft launch in May 2015, the team has moved along an accelerated timeline, maintaining its schedule, scope and budget with ease.

In June 2015, the UTAB team began testing a new portal that allows claimants to see valuable information on their claims.

Meanwhile, in September 2015, UTAB staff took their show on the road. The team gathered with claims center and WorkSource staff to showcase the new system, introduce its new features and answer questions.

The team’s 70 members are Lisa Marsh, Neil Gorrell, Susan Hettinger, Renee Linder, Kristin Alexander, Shad Allen, April Amundson, Kris Araki, Rhetta Barker, Jay Barott, Sudhakar Ram Bharadwaj, Steve Black, Christopher Blevins, Kris Bowen, Cheryl Brown, Matthew Buelow, Deborah Calcote, Katie Carroll, Tiffany Conrads, Joy Danzer, Erik Dotseth, Teresa Esparza, Renee Glanville, Kimberly Green, Julie Hansen, Ann Hartman, Allaa Hassanein, Connie Heermann, Marion Henry, Mariana Hernandez, Jacob Heyting, Dan Hill, Daniel Hlawek, Mary Howell, Amanda Huls, Ryan Huls, Matthew Kitchell, Abhilash Kuzhikat, Oleg Lashchivskiy, Kyle Martens, Kevin McDaniel, Amber McKinney, Alex Medina, Kelly Menard, Rob Mills, Robin Moorhead, Tim Murphy, Tami Neilson, Alma Neuert, Mia Pagnotta, Matej Panak, John Pelo, Lana Phan, Jessica Pitherin, Naga Puchakayala, Katina Radi, Julia Rech, Bobbie Reynolds, Keith Rhyner, Willie Robinson, Jessica Ronneberg, Carl Roper, Amanda Rouse, Matt Stech, Anthony Tran, Myra Vanderhoff, Ram Vellaturi, Dale Wallace, Jamie Watts, Jan Weston, Adam Whitehead, David Wiederecht, Marge Ellsworth, Muthu Ganesh, Kathleen Nolte and Jill Satran.

Lifetime Achievement
Kathy Bilanko
Presented by Steve Ruggles, ESD Spokane Claims Center Administrator

Kathy Bilanko has spent the past thirty years as a leader, coach, and mentor for ESD staff in Washington State and IAWP members from across the world.

During that time she worked with many Commissioners, executive leaders and administrators in carrying out workforce development programs. She has always been at the forefront of promoting continuous education through the many IAWP activities and events she was part of. Many seek out Kathy’s expertise and guidance in trying to live up to her legacy.

She served IAWP with devotion in many capacities, including Sub-Chapter President, Chapter President, District Director, International Communications Chair and a variety of other positions in both the state and international leadership structure. It is with great pleasure that I announce that Kathy Bilanko has also been nominated for the International Lifetime Achievement Award and was selected as the winner. She has been invited to Buffalo, New York to receive this prestigious, well-deserved award.

Award of Merit
Larry Ludwig
Presented by Suzanne Nichols, IAWP Chapter President

Larry Ludwig was unable to attend.

Larry joined the International Association of Personnel in Employment Security/IAPES in 1990, and has been a loyal member of IAWP for 26 years. Larry has served as District 14 Director and International Development Chair, and currently is the District 2 Treasurer.

Larry is also a paid retiree of the Montana Chapter, an active honorary member of Calafia Mexico Chapter, and has been awarded honorary membership in the Turks and Caicos Chapter and the Lithuania Chapter. He is currently a retiree member of the Washington State Chapter of IAWP, a member of the Washington D.C. Chapter and a Lifetime Member of the Virginia Chapter.

The recognition that Larry has received from both U.S. and international chapters confirms the respect others have for Larry’s dedication and commitment to the association. Larry is a great teacher and speaks more than five languages. He has lived in several countries, was a senior level U.S. government official, and worked in the Ministry of Labor and Human Rights. He was a union steward and an Equal Employment Opportunity counselor for many years. Larry is a great supporter of grassroots causes such as the Overtime Reform Initiative and the Wounded Warrior project.

Currently in Brazil, Larry spends his time teaching English. He has been a support to the international office by offering guidance on international relations and on international protocol. He writes articles for several of the IAWP State Chapter newsletters. His continued communication with the international office, international partners and other state chapters shows his commitment to advancing peace, goodwill and international understanding through world fellowship among all of us engaged in these programs. Larry truly believes in the mission of IAWP and his actions prove his passion for the association.

Retiree of the Year
Sylvia Wyman
Presented by Leah Wolfe, IAWP Awards Committee Chair

Despite being retired, Sylvia Wyman has continued to advance IAWP’s mission, taking an important leadership role on a major endeavor for the group.

Sylvia is all about education. In 2015, as a member of the chapter committee, she used many avenues to inform members on upcoming educational opportunities.

Sylvia regularly educated members about issues of importance to workforce development and to workforce professionals through personal connections with other legislative and advocacy entities. Legislative alerts were forwarded from other politically active organizations, with requests for members to take action to encourage Congress or the Legislature to vote for bills important to everyone. Information about other awards programs are also regularly shared, encouraging IAWP members to submit nominations.

Recruiting new members has also been a part of her ongoing work, and Sylvia was instrumental in developing a written fundraising campaign to solicit donations to the chapter, resulting in over $500 in non-dues income.

A born mentor, she shares a thorough knowledge of parliamentary procedure with IAWP colleagues on various committees.

Sylvia helps chapter members write excellent awards by reviewing their work and offering comments and advice, never saying no to anyone asking for help or advice and freely offering personal and professional skills and abilities for whatever task is at hand.

In addition to her work with the association, there is a strong connection to a community of friends in so many ways that enrich so many people. This passion and dedication to IAWP’s goals merits Sylvia Wyman for the Retiree of the Year Award.

Service to Veterans Individual Award
John Joseph
Presented by Suzanne Nichols, IAWP President, and Steve Ruggles, ESD Spokane Claims Center Administrator

John Joseph works with WorkSource with the Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program (HVRP), providing services to directly assist homeless veterans to reintegrate into meaningful employment. It is also a way to develop critical linkages to supportive services that address the complex problems facing homeless Veterans. Using a case management approach, specialists offer job placement, training, job development, career counseling and resume preparation services.

John was able to invest over $20,000 in HVRP services last program year, including one quarter with over $8,200 in services offered.

John serves Veterans with some of the most severe physical, emotional and financial troubles. He serves them with effectiveness, respect, and patience. He is considered mellow and calm, but hustles all day from one customer to the next. John operates “like a well-oiled machine” according to his colleagues.

It is clear there’s a devotion to serve for the advancement of customers, and to make a difference in each customer’s life.

Many customers write to thank John for all the help they received through the Compensated Work Therapy (CWT) program, complete with success stories of their new jobs and new lives. CWT incorporates a work regimen with monetary incentives. John’s customers are now living all over the country and making good wages as a result of this intervention.

Every day, John partners with other organizations that serve Veterans. Efficiency and innovation are found in the operations, with outstanding outcomes, plus tremendous customer satisfaction.

John offers extremely high quality customer service which deserves the recognition of IAWP.

Service to Veterans Group Award
Everett Serve Center
Presented by Suzanne Nichols, IAWP Chapter President, and Steve Ruggles, ESD Spokane Claims Center Administrator

Lofty concepts – like nurturing partnerships, doing co-enrollments, offering high-quality customer service, leveraging resources, building systematic approaches, and integrating services – provide a true and real foundation of how business is done at the Everett Serve Center.

The city of Everett and WorkSource partnered to create a one-of-a-kind one-stop center for veterans. The WorkSource is already a one-stop like no other, strategically located at a major transportation hub. So creating another one-stop designed for veterans and placing it within that WorkSource one-stop blended unique community partnerships, leveraged resources and wraparound services and extended services well beyond the walls to serve their diverse and proud community of Veterans with dignity and honor.

Within the WorkSource, the center is a comfortable place for disabled veterans and veterans with significant barriers to employment as they begin their journey back to work. WorkSource staff and community partners integrate with the center to create an accessible environment and smooth transition to offer the services disabled veterans need to obtain employment.

The entire WorkSource staff work side by side with Veterans Services staff, enlisting the team’s cooperative support to get every Veteran employed. Staff use the UCX list to reach out to every Veteran making an Unemployment Insurance claim.

The WorkSource currently has staff representing 8 organizations and over 15 different employment-related programs. The center demonstrated true devotion to Veteran customers, performing outstanding services by cleverly using resources and partnering.

They found new ways to encourage customers to use available services. They partnered with new organizations in unique ways to meet their needs. Their service delivery was innovative and creative.

Other have taken notice, and a nearby city is currently modeling a new veteran services program after observing firsthand the success of the WorkSource Center.

This team of true professionals offer high-quality Workforce System Customer Services and truly deserves the recognition of IAWP.

We are honored to present the Group Services to Veterans Award for 2015 to the WorkSource Everett Serve Center: Michael Schulte, Randi Bowman, John Cruz, Jeannie Ebert, Bill Gable, John Gross, Brandon Hendricks, Chris Horner, James Lapsley, Kevin Logan, Gordon Meade, Brenda Patrykus, Paul Pelot, Rob Robertson, and Evan Rush.

District VII Conference Oct. 21-22


Join fellow workforce professionals for this engaging and informative conference in beautiful Yakima, Washington.

  • The world of work is changing for everyone and workforce professionals are no different. The Employment Security Department’s head trainer will teach us how to manage the changes that affect our jobs every day;
  • Looking for work and relying on unemployment insurance benefits take a toll on our customers–sometimes driving them to threaten suicide. Jim Pinnell, Comprehensive Healthcare Community Education Coordinator, will help us learn to spot the signs and provide tools to help.
  • Learn how Oregon is transforming its workforce system by “ditching the transaction.” Oregon’s Amber Drake will tell us more.
  • Stress and family strife can sometimes bring violence to our workplaces. Deputy Chris Johnston from the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office, will share how to prepare and protect ourselves and our customers.

After Friday’s events come to an end, socialize with other conference attendees along the Yakima Craft Beverage Walk.

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Clarion 3 – 2016- State Conference Recap

The latest Clarion from the IAWP Washington Chapter is full of great stories and photos from the 2016 State Educational Conference in May:

  • State Awards Recap
  • IAWP Chapter Officers
  • IAWP Membership Application
  • Mark Your Calendar
  • Keynote: Ready to tackle some work-work balance?
  • World is changing- how do we adapt?
  • Executive Leadership Tips for Success
  • Keynote speakers help us find “The Off Switch”
  • WIOA Means Working as a Team
  • Veterans – We All Serve Them
  • Deputy Commissioner looks at Past, Present and Future – State of ESD
  • Employees drive change—more than they know!
  • Become a (passionate) part of our future
  • The core of true leadership
  • Plain talk – “Use your active voice!”
  • A wonderful experience
  • President’s Corner
  • Commissioner’s IAWP speech
  • UTAB Breakout
  • Nominate!
  • Welcome New IAWP Board
  • 80s Party Pics
  • Photo Recap
  • Save the Date – Yakima District VII

Download the e-newsletter here: Clarion 3-2016

The Clarion – 2 – 2016

It’s time for the 2016 state conference and that means it’s time for your Conference Sneak Peek! Read each story online or print the PDF  and read at your leisure.

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