News from Retirees

Diane Vasarkovy: I left state service from Employment Security in 1996 and had my own business, Wolf Consulting, until 2012 when I finally “retired.”  Now my life is a spontaneous work of art and I am very happy. Still living rural, south of Millersylvania, with my hubby of 15 years, my two dogs and visits from grandkids and great-grandkids. Best wishes to ES and all its dedicated people.

Dennis Birge: I have been behaving…(sort of). I am doing well actually.  Doing cardio rehab 4-5 days a week and playin’ drums on our music team with my church and also prison ministry with my outreach band.



Brazil News

By Larry Ludwig, IAWP retiree

Here are some of my students in the ESL/English as second language class I teach here in São Paulo, Brazil.

They are off to Orlando next week. Every red-blooded Brazilian MUST visit both Disney World and Nova Yorkee/New York at least once in their lifetime, along with a collateral visit to Miami. Lately Las Vegas has been added to that list.

Photo of Larry Ludwig and friends

Editor’s Note: Recipient of the 2014 IAWP Retiree of the Year, Larry Ludwig has been teaching ESL classes in São Paulo, Brazil while he spends time visiting family and friends there.