A New Clarion: Which version do you prefer?

people reviewing clarion

Based on feedback from our membership, the IAWP Washington Board recently voted to discontinue printing The Clarion and to instead move to an electronic option that could be updated more often and reduce publishing costs. We know every dollar counts when it comes to membership value.

We need your help! We’ve produced this edition of The Clarion in two different formats–this blog format and an E-newsletter format. Please tell us which version you like best.

Advantages to this blog format:

  • More interactive with the ability to post polls and interact with social media
  • Easier to update more frequently
  • Easy to view on computer, tablet or Smartphone
  • Easier to share individual stories with potential members and/or friends via email, Facebook or other social media
  • More searchable on the Web as WordPress is ‘Search Engine Optimized’
  • Every piece of WordPress generated code is in full compliance with the standards set by the W3C

Advantages to the PDF version:

  • Looks similar to The Clarion we are used to receiving
  • Easier to print and read offline
  • Easier to mail to members who don’t go online