New speaker for Winter Institute!

Eleni Papadakis photo
Eleni Papadakis, Executive Director of the Workforce Training and Education Coordinating Board

IAWP Washington is proud to announce Eleni Papadakis, executive director of the state’s Workforce Board, will be joining us at Winter Institute.

The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) reauthorizes and amends the Workforce Investment Act. Washington’s Workforce Board has been tasked by the Governor with coordinating the planning and implentation of the Act in our state–and Employment Security has been playing an important role.

Eleni will share how our agencies work together to meet the Governor’s vision to:

  • Help more people find and keep jobs that lead to economic self-sufficiency, with a focus on disadvantaged populations;
  • Close skill gaps for employers, with a focus on in-demand industry sectors and occupations; and
  • Work together as a single, seamless team to make this happen.

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Have you looked at the IAWP International Website lately?

Check out a list of 43 free career-advancing courses on the following topics:

  • Programming
  • Online Marketing
  • Communication Writing
  • New Language
  • Entrepreneurship

Learn more about what’s coming at the International Conference in Buffalo in June.

Find out about the Certified Workforce Specialist certification program and also about educational grants available to individuals and groups.

Nominate someone for an achievement award

By Leah Wolfe, Benefit Payment Control

The Washington Chapter of the International Association of Workforce Professionals (IAWP) is proud of our awards program, which recognizes the achievements of individuals and groups each year.

Awards give us the opportunity to acknowledge a colleague’s hard work. So start now! Collect information about those you wish to recognize for their 2015 accomplishments.

Who can be nominated?

Any Employment Security employee plus public officials, employers and others in the unemployment and workforce development fields. Some, but not all, awards require that nominees are IAWP members.

Submit nominations by Jan. 15, 2016, to:

  • Leah Wolfe, 360-902-9645; or
  • Suzanne Nichols, 509-893-7185

Contact Leah or Suzanne.

Award categories

Citation Awards

Recognizes an individual or a group (member or non-member) who made outstanding contributions to IAWP or to workforce development programs.

The recipient(s) must be from a private sector or non-governmental non-profit organization, and not employed by a workforce development entity.

The nominee(s) do not need to be an IAWP member, if nominated by a member. The nominee can have contributed by:

  • Promoting legislation to improve and strengthen workforce development programs or staff.
  • Performing outstanding service for customers, (e.g., vocational training, WorkFirst, serving people with disabilities, unemployment insurance and youth).
  • Improving the health and working conditions for workers or workforce development staff.
  • Performed service in connection with an educational or related program directed toward professional advancement or improved competency of staff in workforce development programs.
  • Encouraging employers or potential customer groups to use workforce development services.

Awards of Merit

Recognizes an individual or a group who gave outstanding service or achieved something for IAWP, the unemployment and workforce development fields beyond normal expectations and job requirements.

Individual nominees must be an IAWP member or two-thirds of the group nominated must be members. The following achievements apply:

  • Promoting workforce development programs or initiatives.
  • Enhancing the awareness, knowledge, skills and performance of workforce development professionals.
  • Increasing productivity or performance; research and development; advancing workforce development theories; demonstrating cost savings.
  • Furthering the understanding or practice of workforce development programs or initiatives.
  • Advancing IAWP objectives in a leadership role on a board, committee, forum, team or special project for the association.

Workforce System Customer Service Awards

For a group or individual who provides exceptional service to workforce system customers. Nominees need not be IAWP members if nominated by a member. One or more of the following achievements should apply:

  • Serving customers – Demonstrating devotion to serve for the betterment of workforce system customers and make a difference in their lives.
  • Promoting resources – Encouraging employers or potential client groups to use workforce development services, enhancing the relationship between service providers and the community.
  • Partnering – Collaborating with an organization or appropriate audience to take action on critical issues concerning workforce development for customers.
  • Creating innovations – initiating an idea or innovation that creatively solves a problem or challenge or improves service delivery.
  • Improving efficiencies – reducing costs or improving technology, staff development, or leadership to meet/exceed goals and increase customer satisfaction.

Public Policy Awards

Recognizes an individual who has provided outstanding public service in support of workforce development programs and/or personnel. Potential nominees include state or federal elected officials, federal administrators, workforce agency directors, etc. The individual need not be an IAWP member. Award criteria include one or more of the following:

  • Successfully sponsored, enacted, or influenced legislation to improve, enhance or strengthen workforce development systems.
  • Developed or implemented national or statewide policies to improve and strengthen workforce systems.
  • Played an instrumental role in promoting one or more workforce development programs.
  • Demonstrated outstanding leadership supporting existing or initiating new workforce development programs.
  • Encouraged IAWP participation from partners in the workforce development system.

Retiree of the Year Award

For a retiree’s continued outstanding commitment to the association’s objectives following retirement. The nominee must be a current IAWP member and have retired from their job. Nominees who have since gone back to work remain eligible. Achievements that apply:

  • Education – Contributing to IAWP educational opportunities
  • Membership – Furthering IAWP recruitment or retention goals
  • Legislative – Performing grassroots activities that support legislative efforts for workforce development programs
  • Communication – Furthering IAWP communication (newsletters, website, emails, letters, etc.)
  • Non-dues income – Fundraising or otherwise increasing IAWP non-dues income
  • Mentoring – Establishing a mentoring relationship with an IAWP chapter leader
  • Community –Volunteering time and resources that further the retiree’s local community
  • Advancing IAWP objectives – Serving a leadership role on a board, committee, forum, team, special project or initiative group (inside and outside of IAWP).

Services to Veterans Awards

For an individual or a group who assists veterans and promotes outstanding, innovative programs to support and raise awareness of veterans’ interests and work rights. Nominee for the individual award must be a veteran, but need not be an IAWP member. The following achievements could apply:

  • Special needs awareness – Engaging audiences to examine the workforce development issues relevant to veterans (e.g., TAP training, veterans employability skills workshops, etc.)
  • Resource promotion – Encouraging employers or potential clients to use workforce development services
  • Employment opportunity – Improving work opportunities or working conditions for veterans
  • Customer service and outreach – Demonstrating devotion and outstanding service for the betterment of veterans groups, including homeless and disabled veterans
  • Partnerships – Collaborating with veterans’ services and other organizations to take action on issues concerning workforce development for veterans

Legislative Awards

For legislative activities and initiatives at the national, state or local level. Activities may include:

  • Informing legislators or membership on legislative issues
  • Identifying key contacts in state or federal governments
  • Responding to requests for legislative action
  • Conducting legislative seminars at IAWP meetings
  • Conducting a special, unusual legislative initiative

Outstanding Employee Performance Awards

For outstanding, conscientious service by an Employment Security employee through excellent, diligent, dependable and trustworthy performance of assigned duties. Must be a member of IAWP. Must be able to quantify the person’s performance.

Save the Date: Annual Winter Institute & Crab Feed

Westport,_WA_-_divers_01It’s time to gather up your crab crackers and join us for IAWP annual Winter Institute in Westport!

Mark your calendars for February 27!

Year after year, the Southwest Subchapter finds topics that:

  • Inform you about the latest ESD projects;
  • Make you laugh; or
  • Inspire or motivate you!

This year will be no different!

And you’ll end your experience at the annual crab feed and auction where you can mix and mingle with friends old and new!

Why not make a weekend of it?

  • Stop by the Westport Winery to sample the local wines;
  • Visit the Westport Maritime Museum: Bundle up and climb the tower where you can get a great selfie; or
  • Take a walk on the pier to see the sea lions and get the best breakfast in town at the Blue Buoy Cafe.

Guaranteed to be a good time! Watch future posts for how to register!

Why should YOU get involved with IAWP?

By Stephanie Stevens, District VII Director

Ever wondered what IAWP is? Who the people in IAWP are? Where does IAWP come from?

IAWP is an organization that is made up of a worldwide international group of individuals who promote workforce and professional development. There are numerous opportunities and benefits for IAWP members and their families.

Are you looking for scholarships to help with schooling? Need additional funds to host educational training for colleagues? Require additional funding for a child or spouse with educational expenses?

IAWP has a number of scholarship and grant opportunities available from both state and international sources to assist members. For more information on the international opportunities please visit the International website at: or visit the Oregon state website at: .

Members are the life blood of any organization. The international and national networking opportunities you encounter are unparalleled. To continue having funds available for scholarships and grants requires your participation.

Your help is needed to help this association grow. “What can I do to help?” You can sign up a co-worker as a new member. Show them the opportunities and benefits of being a member.

As with any organization the more time you contribute the more you will get out of it. Think about volunteering to run for one of the officer positions on your local subchapter or state chapter. The experience gained and the individuals you will encounter will be an asset to your professional development and IAWP.