Mutual Aid History – 25 years of serving

Employment Security employees can show they care through payroll contributions to the Mutual Aid Foundation.

It is designed to assist ESD and Generations Credit Union employees in times when illness or a financial disaster strikes. Mutual Aid works to reduce the effects of these life challenges by offering loans with generous terms and conditions.

“Who knows who may be in desperate need tomorrow, it could be you, it could be me. Problems are not always failures but are certainly a fact of life.”–Leah Vixo

The 1990 Mutual Aid Foundation Board of Directors consisted of:

  • President Pat Remy
  • Treasurer Gus Hoag
  • Secretary Mary Henley
  • Members:
    • Hayes Alexander
    • Bill Bachmann
    • DyAnn Doonan
    • Paul Jacobsen
    • Susy McAleer
    • Elena Perez
    • Jan Peters
    • Donna Short
    • Jim Wolfe.

IAWP did a fundraiser for Mutual Aid that year, selling QUEST’89 lapel pins for $3 apiece. QUEST stood for “Quality Unemployment & Employment Services as a Team,” representing then-Commissioner Isiah Turner’s vision of the agency’s Core Values: People-Service-Integrity.

Another fundraiser they had in 1990 was an ES Day at Wild Waves. For $9 each, the ticketholder could spend the entire day at both Wild Waves and Enchanted Village. And all proceeds went to the Mutual Aid Foundation! (Note: Group tickets now cost $22.99, that’s inflation for you!)

Consider contributing to Mutual Aid through payroll deduction. It’s as simple as completing the Recurring Deduction  in Liquid Office.
• Fill in the blank fields
• Location Code – six digit code found under your name in Teams
• Type of Deduction – select Mutual Aid
• Amount of Deduction – enter your amount
• Frequency of Deduction – select semi-monthly or monthly depending on your preference.

Or just mail a check to the Generations Credit Union, c/o Mutual Aid.